it’s going to be okay…

When you’re gone from any place for a while, coming back always brings a to-do list. When you’re gone from Africa for almost a month that to-do list is ridiculous! There are bills to be paid, trips to the market to be made, updates to send out, unpacking to do…and it goes on. Well finally, after a good week or so back in Bobo I have caught up. Or at least I am as caught up as I ever will be. The heat really messes with my productivity level!!

Life in Bobo is a little quieter now. Both the teammates are back in the States, and I am adjusting to life as a one-man team. It is different. I’d love to be able to say it has been a breeze, but that would make me a liar. It is hard. The Lord and I have had some tough conversations. I’ve laid it out there that I don’t really care for this set-up. I’ve questioned this plan. I’ve let him know that I am NOT. A. FAN. Being alone is for the birds!

But, at the end of every conversation with the Lord I’m reminded that he is good. All of this is part of his plan and it is for my good. For my good doesn’t equal easy. I’ve lived enough life to have experienced my fair share of, what my mom always calls, “character building moments”! I’m convinced that I am already chock-full of character…but I guess there’s a bit more room.

So, there are still those days when the loneliness overwhelming and I feel inadequate for the work and I think that I’ll never get this language down and I would much rather lock myself up in the house and tune into what’s going on in the Bravermans’ world rather than step outside my gate. And that’s usually when I get a kick in the butt!

Thursday was one of those days. My kick in the butt? A power cut. No one wants to stay inside when there’s no moving air.

Now, I don’t want to say that I’m surprised when the Lord shows up, but I’m always blown away. And humbled. And left standing in awe.

I went to visit a family I hadn’t seen in over a month. As I walked through their front gate, I was greeted more warmly than I have ever been greeted during my two years in Africa. You would have thought I was bringing them a million bucks! That’s a day-changer. And as we sat and caught up on life, one of the first things my friend asked for was more stories from the Word. A family that holds tightly to Islam wants to hear more Jesus stories. Our God is good. As I asked for the road and she walked me to my truck, she went on and on about how good my Jula was and wanted to know when I would be back to share the next story. She will never know how much her comment on my language encouraged me that day. Language learning isn’t a strong point and it’s hard work. The Lord knew.

That visit was exactly what my heart needed. It was as if the Lord was saying, “See? It’s going to be okay.” And it is. The hard days are inevitable, but the Lord is at work and has promised his presence. Couldn’t ask for more. He is enough.

In one of her sessions on David, Beth Moore said something that hit home for me, “We can go so far with God in the fellowship and comfort of close companions, but a time comes when each true follower is summoned further still.”

I’m pressing forward and going further still.


2 thoughts on “it’s going to be okay…

  1. It will be more than okay Amanda!! With tears and a heart full of admiration I know God has heard all those of us praying for you!! Love you much, Lala!

  2. Oh Amanda!! Thank you so much for sharing!! What a blessing to see one so young yielding to what the Lord has lead you to do in your life! You are incredible!! Praying for you!! Love, Lynette

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