April 2012 Update #2

Bonjour! Ah nee sogoma!

(That was hello and good morning in French and Jula, respectively)

Well, I’m officially in Burkina Faso, West Africa!  I arrived in country April 8th and made it to my city on the 9th.  Travel went extremely well (really long…but no complaints!), immigration went smoothly, all of our luggage made it, and there were friendly faces to meet us at the airport!  It was a good trip.

Monday morning began a busy week.  Since we leave again on the 16th, there was a lot to do in town before heading to Zambia.  This week has been a crash course on how to live life here.  There has been so much information thrown our way.  We have been shown the city and our new houses, met new friends, figured out where to buy food, and learned how to drive a stick shift and a moto!  It has already been exciting!

The Lord has blessed me with an amazing team.  Our team leaders have been incredible this week.  It has been their goal to set us up so that we can succeed here.  They already feel like family.  Shad & Melissa have been such a rich source of information, advice and encouragement.  I am so grateful.  They have definitely made the transition phase easier.

Tuesday, we will start our trek to Zambia.  For the next month, I will be a part of a training down there.  We will be learning what ministry looks like in the city and the more rural parts of Africa.  For the first two weeks we will be working in the city and the last two weeks will be spent in a bush camp!  The time will end with a long weekend spent with an African family.  To say I am pumped about the last two weeks is an understatement!  It will be awesome.

Some praises:

  • Travel went well and we are adjusting to life in our city
  • We’ve all learned to get around the city fairly well on motos, bikes and the truck
  • For amazing supervisors, who’ve gone above and beyond to make sure we settle in well

Requests for the next month:

  • Travel to Zambia and back…it’s a cross-continent trip!
  • That I would be teachable and soak in all that I can
  • For Shad & Melissa and family, as they take some vacation; ask that it would be relaxing and refreshing

Thank you for all the emails and notes!  I am so blessed by y’all.  This will be the last update you get from me until I get back from Zambia (May 19th).  Thank you for your prayers.  I will try to update the blog before Zambia with some more happenings and a few pictures!



(Once I’m back from Zambia and have more consistent internet, I plan to update twice a month so my emails won’t be quite so long!)


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