January 2012

Hello!It has been a while since I’ve sent out an update on my life happenings!  Since that last update in September, I have been appointed with the Company for career service and am now in the beginning of my two months of orientation in Virginia.  Life hasn’t slowed much!

I moved home after my semester at Southeastern (which was amazing and very encouraging), celebrated Christmas with my family and then began the process of crating.  If someone ever tells you it is stressful….believe them!!  It was quite the experience.  Most of my earthly possessions are in a large wooden box, soon-to-be bound for Africa!!  My mom was a champ and I couldn’t have packed without her.

Over the next eight weeks, I will have the opportunity to sit through classes that will give me a solid foundation as I start life in West Africa.  To go through FPO once is fun…to come through again has been a blessing.  I feel better prepared to absorb the massive amounts of information that will be coming our way.

Some requests to lift up over the coming weeks:
·      That I would guard my time and use it wisely
·      For the Lord to stretch, grow & continue to prepare my heart for W. Africa
·      My teammates here, M & K, as they adapt to this new environment
·      For our unity as a team and our individual walks with the Father
·      The people we are going to serve, pray that the hold that Islam has over them will be broken and that they come to know the One, True God

Thank you for partnering with me, as the Lord leads me to Africa.  Your prayers are truly felt and I’m so appreciative.  Please, let me know how I can be praying for you.

Grateful for you all,


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