July 2012

This last month has flown by and I can’t believe it is already July! I have lived in Africa for three months (although I have yet to live in my own home for more than 7 days!). However, this is the month I’ll finally get to go back to Bobo! We have been in Ouaga since mid-May doing language and have seen lots of progress. The method we are using requires you not to speak for the first two weeks, just listen. Some days were long, but it definitely paid off. We began speaking not long ago and are able to communicate in very short, simple sentences. Our language skills are around that of a 4-year-old, but we couldn’t be more excited!  This month, all the M’s in Burkina and the coastal countries will be gathering for a time of fellowship and spiritual retreat here in Ouaga. I am excited to hear from others what the Father is doing throughout West Africa. It will be an encouraging time for sure. Once back in Bobo, language study will continue and I’ll be getting a better idea of what life and ministry will look like for me. I’m eager to meet my neighbors and begin the process of building relationships.

Praise the Father for:

  • The small victories in language
  • Safe travel for my supervisors – they are now back in country and getting things set up for me in Bobo
  • For our language teacher and his openness to the Truth

Please be lifting up:

  • A new language helper in Bobo – once we move back, we’ll have to find another teacher and there will be some adjustment in teaching styles (we’ve been spoiled with an incredible teacher!)
  • The spiritual retreat – for safe travel for all coming in for the retreat; that it will be a time of encouragement in ministry
  • BK (language teacher) – he is asking lots of questions, and we’ve introduced him to a national guy in our office to continue talking with; ask that the Father would draw him in


Truckin’ the Gospel:

There is an incredible ministry happening with truck drivers here in West Africa.  National believers are taking the reigns and meeting these men along the road at various truck stops.  After striking up a conversation, they begin to share stories from the Word with them.  The Father is doing amazing things through this and our national brothers are begining to take ownership!  I had the chance to see it first-hand in Togo.  You can check out the story on my blog.  Also, for a more complete write-up (with audio, interactive map and pictures) check out AfricaStories.org.


Meet our language teacher, BK. He has been an absolute blessing in this whole “learn a new language” process. Patience and encouragement exude from him. When we say something correctly in Jula, his eyes light up and you couldn’t wipe the grin off his face if you tried. He’s so proud of his students!  One day, he randomly asked if we read the Bible well. This led into a very spiritual conversation. We learned that his wife is Catholic, his mother is a Muslim and his father is an atheist. BK has chosen no religion, but admitted he is open to learning more of the Bible. We hooked him up with one of our office guys. They met today and E said BK was extremely open to learning more!  This has been such an encouragement to us. Despite the fact that we can’t communicate well, the Lord has opened doors for his Truth to be shared. Please remember to lift BK up before the Father.

Urgent Request!!!
One of my former supervisors is now serving in Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda to be exact. He recently shared of a situation among the people he and his family are living among. The story is long, but please take the time to read it through and be in prayer for their team and this people group. You can find the story on my blog, under the tab Urgent Request or at J’s blog: Echelon-Africa.

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