October 2012

Holy moly it’s October!  I feel like I start every update shocked at the realization of what month it is.  The days, weeks and months are flying by…it will be Christmas before you know it!

This past month was busy.  Language learning continues to move along and I am improving and able to say more.  It is a nice feeling to be able to answer someone when they ask you a question, instead of giving them the “I know you’re speaking to me, but I have zero idea what it is you’re trying to say” look.  Yes, there is such a look!  I’ve been blessed with incredible language helpers and new friends.  And they all continue to show such patience as they both encourage and correct.

Yesterday Marie, Karissa and I took one of our local pastors into town to meet up with a contact Karissa had made a while back.  Their conversation had turned to the spiritual and we wanted to get him in contact with a church member.  We introduced Pastor A to our friend O.  As we were casually listening to A and O get to know each other, something in their conversation caught my attention.  I leaned over to Marie and asked, “Is he telling the story of Noah?!”  Sure enough, that introduction led into an opportunity for A to share The Story!  It was so cool to see our national brother sharing Jesus with a Muslim friend.  That’s my heart.  That’s what it’s about!  It’s my desire to see our national brothers and sisters sharing Jesus with the Jula, because they will do a much better job than we as outsiders could ever do.  Pray that Pastor A continues to have opportunities to share with O and his friends.

Please be praying for our churches and their pastors.  Pray that the Lord would give them the passion to reach out to their Muslim friends and neighbors with the Truth.  Pray against the fear they often have of sharing with those who follow the teachings of Islam.  And pray for those they will meet and share life with.  I have no doubt the Lord will open doors when his people are obedient and I’m excited to see him move here, among the Jula.

  An Update:

Thank you to those of you who’ve been praying for Stephen and Josephine.  Each time I stop by, he has improved.  Since the stroke, he has lost the ability to speak and move the right side of his body.  The doctor comes by daily to do physical therapy.  He has regained some movement and is working really hard to communicate.  It is a constant uphill battle, but he has his smile back.  The Lord has been good.  Josephine is also doing well and seems to be encouraged by his progress.  Continue to keep this sweet family in your prayers.

In other random news…

I was signed up to play on a competitive softball team not long ago and had a tournament last weekend.  I’ve played in tourneys before, but none like this one.  This event required me to get a visa to another country and play softball in the stinkin’ hot Sahara desert!!  It was a blast though.  I played on a team with folks from the Embassy and other NGOs in Burkina.  We didn’t take home the golden camel, but we had fun and are looking forward to next year’s tournament.  As much fun as I had, I realized that I’m getting too old to play more than one softball game a day…especially in African heat!


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