September 2012

Hello Friends and Family!

This last month here in Bobo was busy.  My mornings are full of sitting with ladies and listening to them speak in Jula, while I try desperately to keep up with their chatter.  They are so patient with me and we laugh a lot.  Josephine and I have been reading through various Bible stories, and I’m always encouraged when I understand most of what I read!  It’s the small accomplishments that keep the motivation up.  One day, I decided to walk my neighborhood in the hopes of meeting some new friends.  I passed by a couple of women sitting on the side of the street and stopped to greet them.  After ten minutes or so, one of the ladies invited me to walk home with her.  I eagerly jumped at the opportunity.  For the next two hours, I sat with her and we chatted over peanuts.  It was a huge answer to prayer.  “A” is Muslim and a very dedicated one.  Please ask the Father for more opportunities to sit and share life with “A”.  I also have a new friend in town, “G”.  She and her daughters have taken it upon themselves to teach me Jula.  Everytime I visit they have a new lesson plan.  Pray I’ll get to share my story with them soon.

My crate arrived!!!  Back in January, I packed a large wooden box with some belongings.  Seven months later, it made it to my house.  It felt like Christmas!  My house is feeling more and more like home.  Some have asked what I was most excited about…and that’s really hard to say because it’s all awesome.  I was pretty excited about the boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that I forgot I had packed!!  It really is the little things.

A few requests:

Josephine’s husband, Stephen: he is at home recovering from the stroke he had last month. It is an extremely slow process. Also, please remember his whole family because it has been quite an adjustment.

Language: it is still progressing…some days more than others. I’m in the process of memorizing my story in Jula, to be able to share. Pray for opportunities to sit and share what the Lord has done in my life with others.

For me personally: life here is exhausting and some days just really take a toll on me. During the times of culture stress, pray for patience and a good attitude. No matter what, I want people to see Jesus in me…not some frustrated American! And pray for sweet times with the Father.

Thank you so much for your prayers and texts and notes of encouragement! You are a blessing.  Please let me know what’s going on in your lives and how I can be lifting you up!




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