February 2013

Friends and Family,

Sorry for the delay in getting this update sent out. The West African internet has been anything but cooperative this week.

We had the chance to attend our first Jula wedding this past month! Let me tell you, it was an experience for sure. It was a three day affair. We were able to experience it all as members of the family, not merely as outsiders. Although I only hung around for two days, it amounted to 18ish hours of wedding festivities! It was an incredible time of being immersed in the Jula culture. And we enjoyed spending those days with our local friends.

Please lift up this entire family and the new couple. They come from a very well-to-do Jula family, which means they hold fast to their Islamic heritage. As we continue spending time with them, pray for more opportunities to share Jesus and that their hearts would be open.

Things here in Burkina have been going well. Since the holidays, we have jumped back into language, caught up with friends, hosted a conference, started back up with ESL classes and had a couple marathon team meetings to talk through what ministry will look like out here. It was a busy and productive month!

The ESL class is going well and my students keep pressing forward. It is exciting to see their progress because I would not consider myself a classroom type of teacher. Pray that they continue to commit to these classes, as the end goal is to be able to help volunteers from the US share the gospel. As their understanding of English grows, pray for me as I look to incorporate Bible storying into our classes and begin to disciple this group.

Over the course of a couple meetings, our team has begun to talk through different ways of going about the work here in Burkina. It is a HUGE task. For every 10,000 Jula only 2 are believers!! Wrap your head around that for a second. It’s hard to really grasp that fact. Please pray with us for wisdom and direction in how to engage this unreached group with the greatest news ever and how to encourage our churches to do the same. Pray that the Father would raise up national partners with a desire to work alongside us and continue the work after we are gone.

In the last update I mentioned our team request. The door has been opened in this village and there have been invitations to come back. Praise the Lord for the welcome we received. And join us in praying for a person of peace.

Thank you for continuing to lift me up, along with the Jula people. You are a vital part of this ministry and I am grateful for each one of you. Please let me know how I can be praying for you.



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