March 2013

Friends and Family,

Greetings from the hottest place on earth!!! Well, I’m sure it isn’t the hottest place on earth, but it currently feels that way. The power has been cut for the afternoon and the RealFeel temperature is registering at 109. We are definitely entering into our hot season and I have given in and finally started using my A/C at night. We are in for a long few months!

In more exciting news, the family made it to Africa! Mom, Dad and Carol arrived last Tuesday and we took off the next day for a West African safari. It was a blast and it is so fun to have them here. Dad and Carol head back home Thursday and Mom will be staying to the end of the month. Praise the Lord they made it safely and all their stuff arrived with them. And lift them up as they battle the heat.

Last month we had the chance to visit a few villages to see what was happening there. One village is starting up a women’s co-op and have asked us if we wanted to help. It would be a great way to get involved in their lives and give us ample opportunities to share. In another location a farming project is starting and we are looking at how that could also be a foot in the door. Ask the Father for wisdom in knowing which projects to pursue and how much time to devote to the different opportunities.

In a couple weeks, all of our personnel in Burkina will be meeting to discuss strategies for reaching the unreached. One of the big focuses will be talking through how to encourage more US churches to engage an unreached people group out here, as well as our churches here. Pray with us that the Lord will lay in on the hearts of US and Burkina churches to adopt a people group out here and commit to sharing the gospel with them. Pray for us as we evaluate what we are doing in our own work and possibly tweak what we are doing. And ask that the Lord would give direction. 

Thank you for continuing to lift me up, along with the Jula people. You are a vital part of this ministry and I am grateful for each one of you. Please let me know how I can be praying for you.



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