My New Home

Burkina Faso is a land-locked country in West Africa.  Its landmass is slightly larger than the state of Colorado.  It is geographically in the Sahel–the agricultural region between the Sahara Desert and the coastal rain forests.  Did you know, Burkina Faso has West Africa’s largest elephant population??  (You can thank me for that, later, when you win Jeopardy)

While living in West Africa, I’ll be working among an unreached people group (UPG).  This group primarily lives along the trade routes in the southwestern part of the country.  Their population within the country numbers around 305,000.  They live in clans, and the clan is the most important aspect of their lives. The people are fiercely loyal to their clans, defending them proudly. They express their history and devotion through the traditions dance and storytelling.  The fundamental moral principles of this UPG include obedience, honesty, and dedication to their people. Such precepts are motivated by a driving sense of human dignity.

I’m excited to be able to call this country my new home.  And I look forward to the possibility of partnering with some of you to help see this group’s lives transformed by the gospel.


3 thoughts on “My New Home

  1. Amanda were praying for you sweety…hope your able to lead alot of lost souls to Jesus…God Bless..michelle n family from shiloh terrace

  2. Thank you for the Jeopardy tip. If I ever apply for the show I will have this answer memorized. Hope you are doing well. Praying for you and looking forward to your next update.

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