April 2012 Update #1

Hey Y’all!

Today is the day!  I am on the first of three different flights that will take me to Africa.  It is hard to believe that it is finally here.  The months of waiting are over!

My time in Virginia finished up well and the last night was spent hanging out with friends before we all spread out across the globe.  It was a sweet time and I am so incredibly blessed by the friendships formed during those 9 weeks.  Our Father is so good.

The last two weeks at home have been equally wonderful.  Since my mom is a champ, the majority of my packing was done and I could just hang out with family.  What a blessing!  We enjoyed just spending time together and eating lots of Mexican food (of course!).

So, I leave the country today extremely encouraged and am excited to see what the Father has in store   Thank you all for your prayers, phone calls, texts, emails, letters and visits.  They have meant the world and I have never felt so loved.  I know I’m not going alone.  The Body of Christ is an amazing thing.

Today, please lift up these requests:

  • Me, Karissa, & Marie – as this season of transition goes into full swing, ask the Father for: grace as we learn to live in a different context; patience with ourselves and each other; and a growing passion for our people.
  • For our families that we are leaving behind
  • Fellow M’s – many of my friends are en route, have already arrived or will be traveling in the coming days to their new homes; ask that their travels and adjustment go smoothly.

I am so blessed by each one of you.  Thank you for the huge part you play in my life. Your love and support are invaluable.  Thank you for your partnership. I look forward to sending the next update from Africa – my new home!!




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